various types of backpacks

There are various types of backpacks, and the suitable backpacks are different depending on the occasion, purpose, and what is put inside. From simple and lightweight backpacks for mountaineering, work, and school, to stylish and well-designed backpacks for shopping, there are various types. Today we talk about the types, purchases and maintenance of backpacks

what‘s a backpack?

Backpacks are a general term for backpacks that are carried on the shoulders. Various types of backpacks made of leather, nylon, or canvas can be carried on the back or shoulders to hold items.

Such as: “mountain backpack”, “leisure backpack”.

Two couples with backpacks

Various backpacks with different capacities and functions:

Because the backpack can be carried on the back, both hands can move freely, and there are few restrictions on movement. It is a good bag for carrying personal items. In addition, there are various designs, from lively to popular styles, according to various scenes.

various kinds of backpacks

01 Large Capacity Backpacks

Backpacks range from smaller day packs to large-capacity mountaineering backpacks that can stow clothes or food in them.A small-sized backpack like a daypack, with a capacity of about 20 liters. If you want to pack a little more stuff on the street, you can also choose a backpack of about 30 liters. But be careful to note that when moving with a large backpack, maybe bump into pedestrians or other objects.

02 Lightweight Backpacks

If you want to put heavy electronic products such as tablets or large and heavy things such as cameras or travel books during travel, you need a lighter lightweight backpack.If you choose a light backpack, choose nylon material to carry heavy objects and it is difficult to break, just like a small storage bag, and a nylon backpack that is light in appearance and has many storage pockets is the most suitable.

03 Waterproof Backpacks

When it is raining or snowing to go out with an umbrella, although it is convenient to use a backpack that does not need to be carried, it is also very difficult to worry about whether the contents of the backpack will get wet while walking. At this time, it is most suitable to use a backpack with waterproof processing. The backpack with waterproof processing has a smooth appearance, and the rain and dirt can be wiped off as soon as it is wiped off. It is also suitable for people who ride motorcycles or bicycles on rainy days.

04 Mountaineering Backpacks

There are big differences in shape, size, and design function between ordinary use and mountaineering backpacks. In order to allow users to carry heavy and large things for a long time without getting tired easily, mountaineering backpacks are usually equipped with belts or pockets on the backpack that can easily take things such as drinks or towels. A 30-liter backpack is more than enough for a day trip or a one-night stay in a mountain hut.

05 Backpack with back, side pocket zipper

Although using a backpack can facilitate hands, there is also the inconvenience that there is no way to take out the contents of the backpack ASAP. It is necessary to use a zipper on the side or the back. This kind of backpack will have small pockets on the side or back, as long as you put small things such as commonly used wallets, keys or mobile phones in it, you can take it out and use it when you need it.

06 Backpack for Laptop or Tablet

Backpacks used to be mostly used by men at work or school, but recently more women are using backpacks for work or school. It is possible that more women are using a backpack because more women ride bicycles to work or school, or because it is more comfortable to carry heavy objects such as laptops on their backs. These laptop or tablet computer backpacks usually have shock-absorbing padding inside the backpack.

07 Dual-purpose backpacks

A backpack that can be carried by hand or carried on the back is called a dual-use backpack. Since it can be easily changed into the carrying form, it is very convenient when you want to move both hands freely.

08 Three-purpose backpacks

In addition to being able to carry the heel and carry it behind the back, a backpack that can also be carried on one shoulder is called a three-purpose backpack. The three-way backpack is the most convenient when you want to move your hands-free and you want to easily carry your wallet or other items in the backpack.

The difference between various backpacks

01 Bezel Backpack: A drawstring pocket is a small bag-like backpack that can be tied with a string at the mouth of the bag.

02 Canvas Backpack: Canvas backpack refers to a bag made of canvas material used when carrying things such as mountain climbing.

03 Casual Backpack: A casual backpack is a small backpack that can hold a day’s worth of things.

04 Mountaineering Backpack: Mountaineering backpacks have almost the same meaning as rucksacks, and are a general term for bags used to carry food or equipment for mountaineering on the back.

05 What is the patch-like “pig nose” on the backpack? There is a decoration on the backpack that looks like a “pig nose” patch, which is not a brand logo, nor is it a general decoration. It was originally attached to the backpack for mountaineering. Because the ice-breaker used for mountaineering was too large to fit in the backpack, it was fixed with a wire through the “pig nose” patch and then taken away.

Although small backpacks or backpacks for shopping do not need this function, since outdoor brand backpacks have become popular, lightweight backpacks have used pig noses as a popular element to decorate. So next time you go to exercise, carry a backpack with a pig nose patch on your back, and you can hang your sneakers that you don’t want to put in your backpack, which is convenient and stylish.

How to choose a backpack?

It is very important whether the backpack is suitable for the usual clothes. Although it is only worn, it is still a part of the overall clothing, so it is best to choose the appearance of the backpack according to the clothes that will be matched when carrying the backpack.

how to choose your backpack

Choose a backpack according to its purpose:

01 Daily use: As long as the size is large enough to hold the things you usually carry, you can choose a style that is easy to carry.

02 Sports backpack: choose nylon, waterproof and lightweight

03 Backpack for outdoor activities: It is recommended to choose a larger capacity and more functional backpack.

04 Backpack for school: If the school doesn’t have a specific style of the schoolbag, you can choose a backpack that is both stylish and convenient to use.

05 Backpack for commuting

  • Backpacks used by office workers should avoid too peculiar designs or colors, so choose black, gray, or dark blue backpacks, and the design should be as simple as possible. In addition, leather backpacks are more formal with work clothes, and black leather backpacks are Versatile.
  • It is also good to choose a material that is waterproof or can be matched with a suit. If you want to bring a laptop or tablet, choose a computer backpack with a computer storage function. The professional computer bag has a laptop, tablet compartments, and cushioning pads to protect the computer from everyday bumps.
  • Try to choose a backpack with a material that is not easy to collapse in shape and has a more rigid material, such as a square or rectangular backpack is more suitable, and a square backpack can also safely protect the computer and important data.

06 Mom’s Backpack: In addition to the large capacity, the mother bag has a large number of compartments and pockets, so that mothers can put all the baby’s small things in for easy access. The large-capacity design can hold everything your baby needs to go out.

Backpacks can become soiled from the ground, food toppled, or rain. In order to use it cleanly and neatly for a long time, even if it is a little dirty, it is best to do cleaning and maintenance asap.

Backpack maintenance method:

01 How to maintain a rucksack?

The most important thing about the backpack is to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. If the dirt is not removed, it will cause the product to deteriorate, mold, and produce odor, so it must be cleaned and maintained after use.

When cleaning, please remove all the detachable parts, wash the part with neutral detergent or put the whole in water and press wash, and then dehydrate. The backpack must be dehydrated and placed in a ventilated and cool place to dry. It should usually be stored in a well-ventilated area and not exposed to sunlight.

02 How to maintain a fabric backpack?

Cloth backpacks can be washed in the washing machine, but the following two points need to be paid attention to:

1. Operation mode: There are many cleaning modes that can be specified in the fully automatic operation. Try not to choose the direct dehydration mode after cleaning, otherwise, it may cause the shape to collapse.

2. Metal accessories: When washing the fabric backpack, remember to turn it over, otherwise the inside of the washing machine will be damaged by the metal accessories attached to the outside of the backpack.

Finally, place the fabric backpack in a well-shaded place to dry in the shade.

03 How to maintain a nylon backpack?

Hand wash nylon or polyester fiber backpacks, and nylon waterproof backpacks, please put them in a bucket of warm water, soak them in a neutral detergent, and then wash them with clean water after the dirt is decomposed. It should be noted that when washing with detergent and water, it should be washed gently. If it is washed too hard, it will easily become wrinkled. After washing, put it in a cool place to dry.

04 How to maintain a leather backpack?

Leather backpacks have a special leather texture and are a good choice for those who like to add accessories to their backpacks.

Leather products cannot be wetted with water, so they cannot be washed in a washing machine, nor can they be washed by hand. The dirt must be wiped off with a leather-specific decontamination lotion where the dirt is more obvious.

The longer the natural leather is used, the firmer it will become, and the unique texture of the leather will appear, making it more “tasteful”, so there is no need to forcefully clean the leather.

Natural leather will have more flavor due to long-term use. You can use leather maintenance oil to waterproof, stain, and moisturize leather backpacks.

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