What to pack in your suitcase when you travel is a question that worries us all. We don’t want to miss anything during our trip, but we also don’t want to pay for excess baggage, or maybe we want to travel only with hand luggage.

Things to Pack When You Travel

What to pack

Well, let’s start with the essentials necessary for a trip:

Microfiber towel

The microfiber towel is very practical. It saves me space and dries pretty quickly. It is also very functional if you go to the pool.


Normally, I calculate underwear and socks for the days of travel and I add an additional change of clothing for what may happen. Unless you are going to travel for an indeterminate time. If you travel for a long time, you could wash on the way.


Socks, underwear, cotton short sleeve t-shirts, jean pants, skirt, dress, jumper, sweatshirt, bikini, swimsuit, jumper or sweatshirt, jacket / coat / raincoat, leggings, footwear


To keep my suitcase always organized, I use packing cubes. Packing cubes are suitcase organizers that will help you keep order.

Garments stay folded, compressed and organized, which takes up less space. You don’t have to unpack the whole suitcase to get a t-shirt. You just take out the packing cube. Then you just have to add the packing cube back in the case. Simple as that. You could have various models and colors of packing cubes for different items.

Flip flops

Flip flops are a very important element for me. I always use them for the pool, for the beach and even as slippers to be around the house.

Basic first aid kit

You always have to carry a basic first aid kit for what can happen, especially on long trips, or to tropical countries. Always consult the medicines necessary for your trip with a doctor.

Waterproof backpack

A waterproof backpack (watertight backpack / also known as a dry bag ) is useful for many things:

  • Being able to carry the mobile during water activities
  • waterproof my photographic equipment
  • separate dirty clothes from clean
  • The waterproof backpack retains the smell of dirty clothes.

Front light

A front light serves as a flashlight on any occasion. You can even use it to put it on the bike if it gets dark.

Mask and earplugs

The sleep mask and earplugs are useful for you to get a good night’s sleep, even on the plane. Otherwise, you couldn’t sleep a wink where the party across the street could be heard from your room.

Toiletry bag

list of essentials: shampoo and body soap, sunscreen, Face/body moisturizer, comb, menstruation kit, Blade, nail clippers/tweezers, contraceptives, small towel, mosquito repellent, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand cream, face cream. There may be a few things missing from this list, but they are my basics.

Remember: in most airports, it is only allowed to carry bottles of a maximum of 100 ml

Money and cards

You don’t get very far without money. It is better to carry some cash. You can always change it in case of need to the local currency.

If you are traveling to another country, you may want to bring money to change once you arrive. Or perhaps you prefer to use your card and withdraw money from an ATM.

Reusable water bottle

Make sure the bottle is made of aluminum or quality plastic, which can withstand the temperature of the water that you put in, whether it is hot or cold. The bottle should have a built-in filter that will filter bacteria (and taste) out of the water, which is great if you are traveling to countries where there may not be drinkable water in the tap.


sunglasses have protection from ultraviolet rays, especially if you travel to countries with a lot of sun.

Foldable cloth bag

It is also very useful when something does not fit in your suitcase when you return. Some people prefer a collapsible backpack, the kind that hangs on the back.

Universal adapter

With a universal adapter, you could plug your gadgets anywhere.

Notepad and pen

It is very practical to be able to make notes anywhere. You could write down my things, my ideas or thoughts, and even the contacts on the way.

Foulard or Sarong

It can be used to keep warm, as a sheet, as a blanket for the plane, or even as a towel if you go to the beach to watch the sunset.

Passport and documentation

Remember to bring the necessary documentation for each trip: driving license, health card, accommodation reservations, plane tickets, Travel insurance, vaccination card

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