There are different tricks to pack the suitcase and if you search for ” The best way to organize the suitcase ” you will get many answers.

Here you have several methods compared so that you can choose which is the method that suits you.

Use some tricks such as:

  • put socks or accessories in shoes to take advantage of space
  • wear the bulkiest clothes during the trip

Which method is more space efficient? The conclusion is that you should take into account the types of garments.

tricks to pack your items efficiently

How to pack rolling clothes?

Underwear, T-shirts, jeans, cotton pants, and sweaters won’t wrinkle if you roll them up nicely. Take advantage and roll them up!

The most rigid garments, such as shirts, jackets, dress pants or skirts. It is better if they are folded to avoid wrinkles.

5 Methods to pack your content

Folding: Quick and easy (not necessarily efficient)

We are used to folding t-shirts and we do it almost daily. But with this method, you will leave many holes in the suitcase. This is because the clothes we fold do not have the same measurement, with which we have various measurements of rectangles or squares.

Another con of folding clothes is that you will have to disassemble everything to find the shirt you want to wear.

Folding clothes

Roll up: maximize space (be careful with wrinkles)

Rolling makes clothes more compact, which saves much more space than folding. The problem with rolling is that it sometimes causes more wrinkles.

Stack and roll (take into account the materials of the garments)

You can also put a stack of t-shirts, fold them, and finally roll them up. The one that remains on top should be the garment with fabric that can wrinkle the most, such as cotton or tricot fabrics.

rolling clothes

Compressor bags: great for bulky garments

I am talking about the compression bags that are used to save space at home. The ones that you take the air out of and many people use to store out-of-season clothes.

Compressor bags are great if you are wearing very bulky things, such as blankets, sweaters, and coats.

Just because it takes up less space doesn’t mean it weighs less. Make sure you meet the airline’s requirements to avoid unexpected charges.

Packing cubes: Great combined with the other methods

I must admit that packing cubes are my favorite since they keep clothes organized in the suitcase.

The packing cubes in general will not save much space in your suitcase (unless you buy the compression packing cubes).

Do not buy very thick or heavy packing cubes, because the space you save is occupied with the same packing cube.

There is no need to disassemble the entire suitcase to remove a garment, but take the packing cube where it is, take the garment, close the packing cube, and put the packing cube back in the suitcase.

There are many types of packing cubes. In fact, I have seen mothers simply using plastic bags with a zipper that they use to freeze food.

Why you should use packing organizers - Space, Order and Time!

Types of organizers

To organize your suitcase and find things easily there are several kinds of organizers that can help you, for clothes, papers, shoes…etc. Believe it or not, using these organizers will save you a lot of time when looking for things. You will also gain more space in your suitcase.

But I do not want to encourage you to pack more things than necessary, because it is much better to travel as light as possible. Saving time to find things and space in the suitcase are only advantages.

Flat organizers (document holders)

A perfect organizer to carry all the documents you may need in your bag without losing them and in an organized way.

Many document holders offer several compartments, separated by zippers. Some include some transparent compartments. Some document holders offer compartments of various colors. If you bring the documents of the whole family, you can assign a color to each person.

Document organizer

Packing cubes

They are not really cubes. They are fabric organizers that reduce the volume and make our contents more visible without disorganizing the entire suitcase.

These packing cubes offer flexible and different compartments that come in different sizes and colors for your items so that you could take the one you need without disassembling everything inside the suitcase.

Other types of organizers:

Compressor bags: for bulky long dresses and jackets

Football boot holders: work very well for thicker and heavier items, as it is more resistant.

Vacuum bags for food: to keep food fresh by removing the air inside

Cloth bags: for socks, underwear

Dry bags: for dirty clothes

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