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About Us


Letong backpacks designed by self aims at providing best-in-class service and expertise in design, development, manufacturing to help its clients deliver quality handbags.

Starting from design & conception, to production & logistics,Letong knows the business from the inside out and adapts to the fast-changing environment.

We Founded in 2000 and established factories in Dongguan, Xiangyang and Hefei.Its headquarters and production base are located in Dongguan City.with a business area of 4,000 square meters, has more than 500 employees

Our mission: to provide well-made, well-thought design service and well-executed orders to help our clients deliver quality and sustainable bags on their market.

We like to focus on long-term partnerships with suppliers and with our clients and do business on the basis of mutual satisfaction and trust.

Founded in




Customer-Oriented is Our Top Priority

Our goal: To help our business partners with their projects and success.

From fashion to function and everything in between, Letong’s team use their know-how and modelization tools to satisfield your requirements.

With 20+years working hand in hand with the Europe and America wholesales, we adapt to rapidly changing trends, in order to deliver new merchandise to the market for our clients.

Delivery Time: around 45 to 60 days from PO order to EXW shipment.(maybe the time in advance and ensure your lead time)

We trust our each client, like our each client trust us.

Customer Oriented
communication skill

Looking Towards the Future

We strive every year to be better and better.Set our standards to our clients’ expectations and beyond.

We always strive to innovate, collaborate, co-create with our clients to turn new concepts into business opportunities.


We find solutions and proactively take quickly action to shorten prototyping time and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth. (save your time and cost)

Better Communication

  • We are the flexible team who understands the market.the product and global fashion.knows how to efficiently communicate on projects with clients and suppliers
  • Letong works with global retailers, private labels, online retail stores, department stores, as well as new brands.
  • We provide our partners with personalized service, tailor-made solutions, to achieve win-win

“To adapt to the changes in today’s market, we must not only adapt our organization and internal response, but also improve the way we design, develop and deliver products to customers, while working to become a more responsible version of ourselves or ourselves.”

Letong Business Development Team

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