I think not many people will really like to check luggage, if it is not because there are too many things, and there are too few things that can be brought on the plane, we really want to save the time of storing and picking up luggage. Right?

too much things in the luggage

Buying guide for boarding backpacks

stone road in europe

There are so many flagstone roads in Europe that luggage wheels can wear out and make a lot of noise.so The following topics start around backpacks:

Capacity size and opening method:

The capacity of the registration package sold on the market is about 17~34 liters, and beyond this range that can’t board the plane. Although some large-capacity backpacks claim to be suitable for boarding after the luggage is really packed, it looks very big, the crew will not let you pass, and some airlines will limit the weight, so the backpack shouldn’t be too attractive. The backpack is too ostentatious, so I prefer to choose a version that doesn’t look too big after storage.

There are two main ways to open the backpacks, one is the roll-top type:

Advantage:Advantages If you want to add new things, use the extra space behind the roll cover

Disadvantages:disAdvantages If the roll is too high, it will be very ostentatious, the shape of the bag will be deformed, and it is not elegant on the back

Reminder: Be sure to put the things you need for security inspection in a place that is easy to access 🙂

The other is the side zipper

Advantages: It can be unfolded like a suitcase, it is clear at a glance when packing, and it is very convenient to take things

Disadvantages: poor ductility of space

suitable package

Most people who travel frequently will encounter such troubles: if you combine a travel bag and a daily backpack into one, you can have a super large capacity for mountaineering, and at the same time you can walk into the coffee shop elegantly.

Pay attention to surrounding products:
The price of many backpacks is just the bag itself, without accessories. Such as detachable shoulder/belt, backpack raincoat, photographic liner space…etc., you must pay more attention before purchasing.

Clarify your needs

It takes time for us to choose a suitable backpack, so save your time. Here are a few guidelines for your reference:
  • ① It can be tied to a yoga mat, and because you have to carry a backpack to the yoga classroom, the appearance should not be too casual.
  • ② Because practicing yoga requires drinking a lot of water, the demand is at least one liter, so the side bag must be able to put down a one-liter thermos.
  • ③ There must be a detachable belt. If it cannot be detached, it will keep shaking when not in use, which is very uncomfortable.
  • ④ It is convenient to carry things such as cameras and microphones, and it is also easy to take them out. People who are used to using cameras must understand that unless they hang the camera around their necks, it is very troublesome to take the camera out of the bag every time.
  • ⑤ The straps should be comfortable, but not too big or too thick. In order to pursue the comfort of carrying, many backpacks make the strap super thick, and it feels like carrying a Transformer on the back.
  • ⑥ There is room for expansion, and at the same time, it is convenient to take items.
  • ⑦ Although this point is simple, it is very important. The zipper must be of YKK strength level. No matter how good the backpack is, if the zipper is broken, it will be completely destroyed.
  • ⑧ The waterproof level can at least withstand splashing water. After all, there is too much rain when going out

To meet the above eight requirements seems very simple, but it is really not easy.

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