Comparison of hand luggage of different types

Carry-on backpacks

We are going to break down the advantages and disadvantages of carry-on backpacks.

Advantages of carrying backpacks

Many companies make backpacks in a variety of sizes designed for travel. Although most companies designed backpacks for trekking not so long ago, there is a new range on the market that offers more versatile backpacks that open like suitcases, many of which are called backpacks for digital nomads.

Traveling with a backpack is very convenient because you have both hands free instead of dragging a rolling suitcase behind you.

Disadvantages of carrying backpacks

One of the main disadvantages of a backpack is that you will be carrying all the weight on your back.

Even when traveling with carry-on only within the airline’s weight limit, having that weight on your back can be uncomfortable and feel heavier than it really is over time.

If you have back problems, this might not be the right option for you.

How to pick the right backpack

When it comes to picking the right backpack, look for one with comfortable straps and enough pockets. See if they have an additional strap on the waist or chest that provides extra support.

Pay attention to the tag to see if it fits the standard carry-on size of the airlines you normally fly with as well as if it offers enough liters for you to fit your things in.

Carry-on suitcase

Here we are going to compare carry-on suitcases with 2 wheels, 4 wheels, and tips to pick the right suitcase.

Advantages of carrying suitcases

Probably the most traditional type of luggage is the rolling suitcase. Rolling suitcases work well because the rectangular shape allows you to make the most of every inch.

If we compare the carry-on suitcase with traditional backpacks, we can also say that it is easier to keep your things organized and find what you are looking for while traveling, since a trekking backpack opens only at the top. Besides, the suitcase with wheels will go easy on your back in comparison to backpacks.

Disadvantages of carrying suitcases

While rolling suitcases are popular, they also have their own downsides.

One of your hands will always be busy with the suitcase, and you will find it difficult to hold things like food and coffee in the airport.

With wheeled luggage, it is also more difficult to climb stairs and stroll along cobbled streets, which are often found in Europe. Not to mention the discomfort of getting off a boat where the water reaches your knees.

How to pick the right suitcase

It is easier to find the right size when shopping for your carry-on suitcase, since airline restrictions are given on “height x width x depth”. These measurements are more in line with the shape of a suitcase.

Keep in mind that most airlines include wheels and handle when measuring the size of the suitcase. Make sure the handle is comfortable and doesn’t stick out too much when stored. Check the wheels to make sure they don’t look cheap or flimsy.

Note: suitcases could be divided into hard and soft suitcases. A hard suitcase is rigid and can protect your belongings a little better than a soft suitcase, but the former is usually heavier.

Duffel Bag / Tote Bag

Normally, I do not advise traveling with a duffle unless you are looking for a very flexible bag that you can use later to go to the gym.

Advantages of Tote Bags

They are flexible. if you go a lot on the weekend or you want to use it for the gym or put it in the trunk of your car. it is your perfect companion. Tote bags are also easy to store at home because you fold them and put them anywhere.

Disadvantages of Tote Bags

They are not usually very comfortable, since you must carry them. The weight is felt much more than with wheeled suitcases or backpacks.

Wheeled backpack

There are also wheeled backpacks on the market today. You can carry them on your back or roll them, depending on which situation is most convenient.

Advantages of a wheeled backpack

Rolling backpacks usually come with backpack straps that can be tucked away when you’re not using them.

This gives the option of rolling like a suitcase when you don’t want to have all that weight on your back.

You can also use it as a backpack when you have to walk on cobbled streets.

Disadvantages of a wheeled backpack

Having a carry-on that doubles as a backpack comes at a price. It is not as comfortable as a traditional backpack, as it needs to be more structured.

You’ll have a harder, flatter surface against your back, so you’ll feel more uncomfortable. The backpack itself will also be heavier since it has wheels and a sturdier frame.

You’ll also end up with less space to pack since the wheels and handle must be placed in the bag as opposed to traditional carry-on backpacks.

How to pick the right rolling backpack

Some of the best wheeled carry-on backpacks also come with a day pack. You will still have the same advantages and disadvantages but with the added advantage of a smaller backpack for your day-to-day. You can use it all as a backpack, roll it like a suitcase, or separate the two.

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