Canvas as a material to make tote bags has the ability to hold up well on a variety of inks, allowing the use of many techniques to design and customize your blank tote bag. Learn how to make a tote bag.

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Create screen-printed images on your tote bag.

Screen printing is a common printing technique where ink is pressed through a mesh screen in order to create a printed design. The screen printing method is applied across a wide range of industries including clothing, artwork, canvasses, bags, posters,s and more.

To use this method, you must have a screen printing frame, an emulsion, acetate, ink, and a ready-to-use tote bag.

First step: Coat the screen printing with an emulsion using a trough. Make sure the screen is completely covered. Then let it dry in a dark room for at least four hours.

Step two: Print the desired image on the acetate. If the desired image is a simple shape, you can simply cut the shape out of plain paper.

Step Three: Now that you have chosen your image, place the image and screen on an exposure unit so that the image can be transferred to the screen.

Step Four: Wash the exposed screen with water, revealing the image on the screen. Let the screen dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step Five: Make sure the canvas is stretched completely flat to allow for the best possible transfer. Attach the screen to the canvas so that the image is printed on the bag as desired.

Step Six: Now select the ink you want to use and place a generous spot on the screen. Distribute the ink evenly across the screen, taking care to cover the entire canvas. A squeegee is the best solution for this step.

Step Seven: Let the canvas dry, which should normally take half an hour. Once dry, feel free to enjoy your artwork and show it off!

Customize your tote bags

Heat Transfer Printing on your tote bag

Just as its name implies, heat transfer (also known as thermal transfer) is the exchange of thermal energy between physical objects. Heat transfer printing is a technique that allows you to print a design onto a piece of clothing or an object. Heat transfer printing uses the process of heat to transfer an image created in wax to an object or garment.

Heat transfer is an extremely easy process that requires nothing more than cutting vinyl into your favorite shapes or symbols and an iron to apply the print to your tote bag.

Step One: Choose a flat, hard, heat-resistant surface to work on, such as a wooden desk. Place the heat transfer vinyl template on the canvas. Place a thin sheet of cotton over the vinyl design.

Step Two: Take a heated iron and press the vinyl design evenly for thirty seconds. Wait a few seconds for the canvas to cool and test an edge of the plastic to make sure the vinyl has transferred evenly. If not, repeat the pressure for another thirty seconds until the design is fully transferred.

Step three: Remove the transparent plastic and the design should be printed on the canvas

Do embroidery on a canvas bag:

Canvas is made of fabrics that are typically penetrable by a needle with little effort. Therefore, it is extremely easy to embroider directly onto a bag with nothing more than a thread and a needle. It may be helpful to use a washable fabric marker to pencil out an overall design before beginning the thread work.

Paint a Tote bag:

All types of fabric paints from craft stores are compatible with canvas fabrics. As the perfect way to customize a canvas tote bag for beginners, fabric painting requires little skill or effort. Just grab the colors you need and a few brushes to start your masterpiece!

Although instructions for cleaning a tote bag are usually found inside the bag labeled on a tag, it is best to be careful with bags that have prints, embroidery, paintings, or other decorations sewn or glued on. Whether the bag is machine washable or hand washable, it is best to be on the safe side and wash the bag in cold water.

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