How to organize your suitcase to save space may seem complicated at first, but everything has its tricks and strategies. By reading this post, you will be able to pack a suitcase in an efficient and organized way.

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How to organize your travel suitcase

Although you may often travel with your hand luggage, with these tips and tricks you can also organize your carry-on suitcase without problems by effectively taking advantage of space.

Have a travel list

Normally, everyone is more organized when they have a plan, so you should create a list to know what to take in your suitcase. This way, you don’t forget anything.

If you don’t want to print your paper list, you could do it on your mobile phone using a note application such as “Evernote”. Having a digital list also adds a lot of flexibility. You can add something specific for a specific trip.

Prepare your travel kit

Normally, when taking the toiletry bag you must take into account the liquid restrictions of the airlines you fly with. Otherwise, you will have your brand-new and packaged creams dumped before you could embark on a plane.

Choose shampoo and solid soaps instead of liquids. Besides, there are also solid deodorants. Use a bottle of less than 100 ml to store your creams and hair products. You could find many bottles online.

If you want to take more liquids, think carefully about whether they are necessary or do you really need them. Many times, you can also find the same product in other countries, or send it to the destination of your travel when you shop on Amazon.

Choose how to pack the suitcase

Fold your stuff like clothes and keep them organized. One of the best ways is to have the clothes divided into famous packing cubes. You could find many types of organizers on the markets for different items such as jewelry, credit cards and documents, electronic devices, makeup products, etc.

Use packing organizers of different colors for different types of clothing so that you could easily find the ones you need. Besides, take advantage of the gaps by filling in small items.

Plan your laundry

Use a waterproof bag for your dirty clothes. This bag does not allow any type of odor to pass through, so dirty clothes are always separated and the smell will not permeate clean clothes.

If you go on a long trip, always use packing cubes for clean clothes, and other packing cubes for clothes that may reuse once more. It is because the clothes that are 100% clean are not mixed with the used ones.

What clothes to take on a trip?

What clothes to take on a trip? Obviously, your entire closet cannot fit into your suitcase. The best thing is to wear versatile clothes and learn to combine your favorite pants in various ways.

To take the clothes you will wear during the trip I suggest two methods:

Pack for short trips

Organize by outfits/combinations of clothes that you will wear.

Put the clothes on the bed and visualize what you will wear every day. Once you have it, add it to the list so you don’t forget anything. When you put the clothes on the bed, if you see that you have two blue jeans, choose only one.

Think of alternatives to combine the clothes you have and pack less clothes. Try to choose colors that coordinate with each other so you can mix and match your clothes differently.

Packing for long trips

For longer trips or more relaxed vacations, organize by clothing types:

  • T-shirts first
  • then the pants
  • the swimsuit…
  • Etc

Why? Because there are things that we do not put in the suitcase until the last minute.

Until the last moment, we used the toothbrush, the mobile phone charger… but we don’t want to forget them.

When choosing clothes, keep in mind that tricot, wool and cotton wrinkle less and are more versatile.

Also consider adding garments that can be multifunctional. This is very useful when packing a suitcase to travel by plane, that is, when you only travel with a carry-on bag.

For example:

  • Yoga pants can also be your pajama pants.
  • The first shirt you wear during the trip, if it is comfortable cotton, it can be the one you wear as pajamas for the rest of the trip.

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