Surely more than once you have considered taking a road trip through a country and you are looking for advice to rent a car and not have any problems. Traveling in your own car can give you the freedom to stop whenever you want and go anywhere you want. If you don’t know what the process is like, or you want some tips to rent a car without worrying, keep reading, since I have many tips for renting a car that I’m sure can help you.

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tips to rent a car

Tips to rent a car

1. Read the fine print

There are many conditions in “Terms and Conditions” in fine print, so please make it a habit to read it before signing. If something doesn’t make you comfortable, just don’t sign and go somewhere else.

2. Fuel Policy

It is essential to read this part of the contract. In some countries, the car rental agency gives you a full tank of fuel and you must return with the full tank. If they give 3/4 you must return with 3/4.

3. Insurance

Car insurance is absolutely necessary no matter how long you are going to rent your car. Write this down in your tips for renting a car and keep your mind free of problems: choosing comprehensive insurance is usually the best option. Different types of insurance:

Personal insurance: Covers drivers, passengers, and personal effects.

Third-party insurance: Covers bodily harm and property damage to third parties.

Collision Damage Partial Coverage: in case of damage to the vehicle, its accessories or parts.

Partial coverage for theft: in the event of a theft or attempted theft.

Do not think that it is better to save a few euros on cheaper insurance. Of course, nothing may happen on your trip and it may be completely calm, but it is always better to be safe.

4. Take photos (or videos)

You should take pictures of the condition of the car when it is delivered to you. In most insurance, they will make you sign a paper indicating the places in the car where there are scratches or damage. Having a video and photo of the car’s status is the best way to avoid arguments because we all forget what exactly it was like.

5. Mileage

This is something that they will offer you from the beginning, but always make sure that it is unlimited. The extra kilometer can be very expensive, so it is better to ask if the mileage is really unlimited or if you only have X kilometers included. No one wants to restrict their travel just because they have offered us X kilometers.

6. Delivery Point

It is essential to know if you pick it up at the rental office or if it is delivered to you at the airport. It is also important to know where you should return the car.

Many agencies charge an extra fee when you return the car to a different location than where you picked it up, so it’s best to know where the car should be returned when you’re done to avoid this extra expense.

7. Costs included

You should know what are the things that are included when you rent a car. I am not only talking about mileage and fuel but there are other necessary things as well, such as:

Can I make a pickup change if my flight is delayed?

My sister has also decided to go with me, can I have a bigger car?

Can I cancel the car rental service because I got sick?

General Requirements to Rent a Car in EU

  1. Over 21 Years Old

Age is a super important factor when it comes to renting. Of course, at 18 you are of legal age, but many companies in Europe require a minimum of 21 years to rent a car.

  1. Identity Document and Driver’s License

You must show your identity either with your ID, Passport, or document if you are traveling from another country.

And your driver’s license could not be missed. If you are not from Europe there is a chance that you will be asked for an international driver’s license. If you do not have it, check with the rental agency whether you can drive with the license issued by your country.

  1. Credit Card

To pick up your rental car you need a credit card and this must be in the name of the reservation. Make sure that the reservation is made in the name of the person who will be driving. And remember that the credit card must have a sufficient balance so that they can make the security block in the form of a guarantee. You can find out in advance what amount they are going to block you and thus ensure that the limit of your card allows it.

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