Are you a digital nomad and don’t know what to pack? Don’t worry, I have put together the travel list for digital nomads.

Digital Nomad

Pack List for a Digital Nomad


Something that cannot be missing from your packing list is a laptop since every digital nomad or remote worker needs their laptop at hand to work comfortably. After all, even though we are traveling we are still working.

Whether you go to the beach, to the river, or to the mountains, a laptop is your work tool, that’s why it’s at the top of the list.

In my case I use the MacBook Pro, it is a powerful computer and it is ideal for editors, bloggers, and even for programmers. They practically don’t weigh anything, so you can carry them in your carry-on suitcase without any problem.


VPN (Known as Virtual Private Network) is intangible but necessary to be installed on your computer. With this application, you could buy cheaper tickets, to protect your laptop from any threat, or browse websites that are only accessible on the country you are traveling to.

Hard case for laptop

Our work tools must always be taken care of. We do not want it to be scratched or have water over it, so having a rigid and durable case can be a good solution for this, and the case can also look beautiful. Do not worry about the weight since at most it will add about 200 grams to your backpack.

Laptop protective case

The hard case we mentioned above serves as a second skin to protect your laptop all the time, just like the phone case or iPad case, while a protective sleeve is like a little bag where your laptop is placed.

Thanks to its foam layer, the protective case absorbs scratches and bumps very well in case your laptop falls or has an accident. It is perfect for taking your laptop everywhere without needing a backpack.

Notebook and pen

Well, it’s not necessary for everything to be digital. A notebook and pen are a good way to keep a memory or write things down when you are on the way, whether it’s a short list while we’re talking on the phone, information about something if we run out of battery, or something just because as a note for you to read later and remember how you felt at that moment.

Also, many times good ideas come all of a sudden. It is good to have a notebook and a pen at hands to write down when the idea comes to you.

Travel adapter

Has it happened to you that you arrive somewhere and you can’t charge anything because the plug is different? It is common that every country has its own standards of plugs and sockets.

I would say that one of the first things you should invest in is a universal adapter. It is necessary and really very useful wherever you travel.

It’s easier to buy them before traveling because if you want to do it at your travel destination, for example, it can be a bit of a headache.

universal adapter


Headphones are necessary if you are going on a long trip. They are ideal for listening to your favorite music anywhere, watching a movie on the plane, making video calls with your family or even with some remote co-workers.

These electronic devices are helpful when you entertain yourself or when you are focused on your work without bothering anyone around.

Power bank

A power bank is a useful external battery backup when your phone or laptop is running out of battery. Before you purchase, make sure it has more than 10,000 Mah. Otherwise, it won’t even be enough for a small charge.

A power bank is not heavy, so you could place it in your backpack without any problems. You could even put it inside your laptop case and take them together.

power bank

Travel Backpack

A durable, functional, and above all practical backpack is a must for every backpacker, digital nomad, and traveler. The backpack you choose can vary according to your needs and tastes, so pick the right one that best suits your needs.

The backpack you choose should have enough space to let you pack your electronic devices and come with enough pockets. It is better to have a separate laptop compartment, which is convenient when you take the laptop out at the airport or in a restaurant. Note: some digital nomads would have a rain cover over their backpacks to protect from dust or water when it is raining.

International Bank Card

An international bank card is necessary even if you prefer to travel with cash only, there comes a point where cash runs out.

Being able to pay with the card directly will help you not have to constantly calculate the price between two currencies.

Sim (International or Local)

Having a working sim is very important when traveling through different countries. The cheapest option is always to get a local sim.

Another option is to have an international sim. You will make sure you don’t run out of data, always stay connected, and be able to work as much as you need. It is more expensive, but sometimes indispensable.

Reusable water bottle

Being hydrated is essential especially when we are walking and seeing many tourist attractions in one day. Therefore, it is important that you have a recyclable water bottle, much better if it is BPA-free.

You could always refill your bottle at the airport, in a restaurant or in tourist attractions. This way you will avoid having to buy water all the time, which could be extra cost in the long run. In addition, you will be helping the planet

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