There are many types of packing organizers, not just for clothes. Here are a few examples:

Jewelry organizer

The jewelry organizers are specially designed to put your earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings and they won’t get tangled with each other.

Jewelry organizer

Makeup case

For makeup lovers, having everything well organized will make your makeup easier.

Electronics organizer

Today we carry thousands of electronic devices with us, ranging from the indispensable cable to charge your mobile to tablets, laptops, camera chargers, Kindle, etc. With this electronic organizer, you will have everything under control.

Electronics organizer

Underwear storage bag

Sometimes you just need a clean pair of panties, and it it better than having them all together in one easy-to-find place.

Makeup bag

When the creams and soap are put together in your backpack, everything is destroyed. So it is better to carry it separately in a waterproof toiletry bag that does not get everything else wet.

Packing cubes set

Packing sets are perfect if you have multiple items to organize. They have various sizes for your clothes that come in various sizes. If you don’t know what your ideal size is, a set of cubes is perfect to get you started, since you can try the various sizes and decide which one is your favorite.

Document organizer

Plane tickets, passport copies, vaccination cards, depending on the way you travel and where you go, the list of documents that you must take with you is enormous. While I recommend you have a digital copy of everything, there are countries where you still have to physically show your documents. It is also useful to have a digital copy + physical copy for what may happen. Sometimes the mobile battery runs out.

Document organizer

Shoe organizer bag

I simply use a tote bag to put my shoes in. If you are one of those who are looking for something more professional, there are shoe organizer bags that allow your shoes to be separated from everything else.

Vacuum bag for clothes

These plastic bags will help you get the air out of your clothes. Of course, be careful because when you travel, not only the size but also the weight counts. If you carry more weight than authorized, you will be penalized.

Laundry bag

In order not to mix your dirty clothes with the clean ones, you can use laundry bags for dirty clothes, or dry bags (watertight bags). Simply I prefer to use dry bags which are a good option when I take part in some water activities. Dry bags keep the smell of dirty clothes and water from passing through.

Compression packing cubes

Apart from being light, Compression packing cubes could compress your clothes so less space is taken up in your suitcase.

Alternatives to travel organizers

Football boot holder/boot rack

If you are looking for something resistant and durable, a boot rack may be your best option.

Zip-lock freezer bags

Surely your mother has these freezer bags at home. Although you can use them for packing, experience has shown me that they are not durable or resistant. In fact, you probably break it even when packing because you want to put too many things in it and you can’t even close it.


Although there are many packing organizers on the market, my favorites are the compressible organizers, not only because apart from organizing my suitcase they allow me to occupy less space, but also because I only travel with hand luggage. However, you should look at your own needs to choose the best travel organizer cubes for you.

Why you should use packing organizers - Space, Order and Time!

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