The advantages for rent a car to travel may vary depending on the place you want to go, but traveling in a rented car with your partner, family or friends is very cool. For this reason, I leave you all the advantages that I could come up with.

Why You Should Rent a Car to Travel

Advantages of renting a car to travel

make long routes

How many times has it happened to you that you want to visit a beautiful place and there are only 3 buses a day to go there – or there are simply no buses? Well, by renting a car you will not miss anything. You can go to the routes you want, as far as you want, even stopping in some places to enjoy the trip.


Of course, you could go to someplace you want by bus, but what happens if for some reason you decide to change the route or spend time in an unplanned place?

With a car, you won’t have any problem making stops or changing plans, since you have the flexibility to go from here to there without any problems.

Disadvantages of renting a car to travel

Of course, there are some pros and cons when it comes to rent a car to travel.


Renting a car for a road trip is really exhausting if you go alone since you need to have your good 8 hours of sleep to function well. If you plan to rent a car to travel around Europe, calculate well the stops to have a good rest and get to see everything you want. If you don’t want to drive, in Europe there are several alternatives, such as bus or train.


Traveling alone or with your partner and renting a car is not cheap at all. But if you travel with friends, the cost can be shared.

Keep in mind that the price of going in a rented car around the country can be quite high. I suggest that you budget your travel expense before renting a car.

Suggestions for renting a car in Europe

If you have decided to rent a car in Europe, you will need some extra advice so that everything goes smoothly.

Take into account the location of the offices: There are many car renting agencies at airports and train stations, but there are others outside, so you should know and set the times for the delivery of the car you are renting.

Border crossing: each rental company has its own rules, so ask about their border crossing policy before you do something that can cost you dearly.

Extra cost: They may charge you an additional fee if you do not deliver the car at the agreed time.

Insurance, excess, and deposit: what insurance does it include? What is your coverage? The lower the coverage, the more they will block from your credit card. If you take out comprehensive insurance, you will have full coverage in case of any problem.

Inspection of the car: remember they must give you a sheet where they mark the car damage, and you must take the time to check in case you have other things and tell the person in charge at the time of delivery.

Choose free cancellation: always choose free cancellation and if for some reason you must cancel, do so within the agreed time to avoid other expenses.

Travel tips when renting a car

Once you decide to rent a car for travel, it is time to plan your road trip. Of course, you may not have everything mapped since there are things and places that we will probably arrive unexpectedly, but it is better to know what will be done to go through the unknown world.

plan your trip

First of all, decide where in Europe you want to visit. Do you want to take a few days in Spain? Or are you interested in visiting London and England? Whatever it is, start by knowing your first destination.

If your car rental allows it and you decide to visit various places in Europe, another thing to keep in mind is:

border crossing

Not all companies allow you to take the car out of the country where you are, but if you want to take it to another country you should know if you can do it.

If they allow you, it is most likely that you will pay something extra to be able to visit other neighboring countries.

Mileage and Transfer Hours

Make sure the mileage is unlimited. You don’t want to tour a country and run out of miles to continue your fun. Make sure it is part of the contract when renting the car.

And of course, plan how many hours you are going to drive a day, where you will stop, and for how long, so you will know how many days you need the rental car.

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