Deciding what to pack in a suitcase is difficult enough, but getting everything to fit in your luggage can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are packing organizers. The use of packing cubes makes your life and traveling much easier, especially if you are an organized person.

What are packing organizers?

Packing (or suitcase) organizers are square or rectangular fabric containers used to compartmentalize clothing while traveling. Not only do packing organizers maximize the use of space, but are designed to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free while they’re packed into your suitcase.

The best packing organizers are made of really lightweight material so they don’t add extra weight to your luggage, although there are thousands of different types on the market. When looking for packing cubes keep in mind that your travel style will determine the best cubes for you.

For example, if you’re backpacking or camping in the great outdoors, you’ll probably want a sturdier material – perhaps even waterproof. If you take business trips, the best packing organizers for you will be those where your shirts don’t get wrinkled.

Since there are so many different types of packing organizers to choose from, and it can be quite confusing if you’re new to organizing your suitcase effectively, I’ve put together this super guide to organizers: How to organize the suitcase.

Why you should use packing organizers - Space, Order and Time!

Reasons to use packing organizers

They maximize space

Packing cubes will allow you to pack more things as they condense your clothes well. If you use compression packing cubes, you will still fit more clothes.

Organize and compartmentalize clothes

They allow you to compartmentalize your clothes, making it easier for you to find the one when you need it. Many packing cubes come in different sizes and colors. There are also some with a grid so you can see what you put inside.

Using different types of organizers is especially beneficial if you have different types of clothing for your trip.


Probably you would consider using Ziploc bags or plastic bags when you traveled to separate dirty clothes and/or sanitation supplies. Some suitcase organizer sets include a laundry bag and/or cosmetic bag. They can also be purchased separately.

Let’s be honest, plastic bags are not durable, and not eco-friendly for our planet. Also, they are not made for continuous use, so you can run out of them at any time during your trip. Travel organizers last for many years.

Easy to clean

Cleaning them is as easy as putting them in the washing machine (at least the quality ones you can put in without problem). Also, they dry fast.

Keep clothes clean

Packing organizers don’t just allow you to maximize space. Many of them are designed to keep your clothes from being moved or disorganized. There are even some great options that will keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

Save your time

If you have been traveling non-stop for a long time, you already know that packing and unpacking can take a long time. With packing organizers, you can take out the cubes, store them in the closet, use only the ones you need, and put all the cubes back in the suitcase. They’re also very handy when you need that sweater for the plane. You’ll be able to take it out without disassembling your suitcase completely since you’ll know where it is.

packing organizers

Make life easier

Instead of trying to find a place for each individual item in the suitcase, you’ll pack all of your clothes into the cubes and then place the cubes in the suitcase. Of course, I encourage you to take advantage of the holes in the backpack/suitcase to put a pair of socks. Taking advantage of the gaps is always a good idea.

Makes sharing suitcases easy

Packing cubes are ideal for sharing a suitcase in an organized way. Lots of packing cubes that come in different colors so you don’t even have to worry about your belongings getting mixed up with others. This is especially useful if you opt for low-cost airlines that charge per-bag fees. You can save money and space by sharing a suitcase with the whole family.

Used as a pillow

If you like to have a travel pillow on the plane, but don’t want to pack an extra one to save maximum space, you can use a packing cube. Instead of trying to fold your jacket, take out one of your tightly packed cubes (it will look like a pillow from how compacted it is) and get ready for a good nap.

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